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How many weddings do you do & how experienced are you with weddings?2022-12-04T16:28:12-07:00

We’ve been doing weddings for 12 years now, on average in the last 3 years we’ve done 60 a year.

Can we submit a “Do Not Play” List?2016-11-10T23:31:30-07:00

Without question, obviously we know pre 2014 Justin Beiber is probably not gonna want to be played anywhere, let us know what to keep off.

Do you take music requests from our guests?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

We absolutely take requests if you would like that privilege at your event, only restriction is if there is no internet connection, if we don’t have the song, then we don’t have it.

How many weddings do you handle per day? Does your company accommodate other weddings on the same day as mine?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

Because we have multiple DJs and multiple sets of equipment, we are able to do multiple events in a single day, however, we do our best to avoid these so we can offer peace of mind to our customers.

How many DJs will perform at my event?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

Any event booked comes with the services of 1 DJ unless a requirement for a 2nd DJ is needed. Occasionally for training purposes a 2nd DJ may be there to shadow.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event? Can I see a music list?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

You are welcome to have complete control over the music played at your event, we traditionally only send music lists for weddings.

Do you bring backup equipment with you to events?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

At events where we are providing the equipment, we do bring a small supply of backup equipment, that being said we do quality checks on our equipment every 3 weeks to protect against these problems.

How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00
We at Whilin’ Out obtain all of our music legally and purchase new music and videos every month to add to our collection.
After the contract is signed, will we meet again before the wedding?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00
Traditionally we will do 2 in person meetings (1st being the initial meet and greet, the 2nd being 2-3 weeks before the event for a walk-through and list check).
May we speak to your references?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00
We can put you in touch with previous clients for references if you please.
Do you offer a written contract?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00
We always will provide a written contract for every event, this is for both accounting and legal reasons.
Do you have professional equipment?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00
WOE uses equipment from sound of the top brands including Shure, Chauvet, Behringer, JBL, and more.
How and when do we submit our music requests?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

While we here at Whilin’ Out have the ability to change your music request up until the day prior to your event, we typically request your official selections no less than 3 weeks prior to give us enough time to ensure we can arrange the music being used and verify it’s quality.

Can we meet with you before we book our date?2016-11-10T23:31:31-07:00

Absolutely, our office location is set to open Jan 2017, but until then we are able to do mobile meetings and meet at a location convenient to you.

Are You Insured?2016-11-10T23:33:12-07:00
Whilin’ Out Entertainment is 100% insured and is able to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.